La bedda Sicilia*

It was our only chance to carve out something resembling a real vacation.  We would need a reprieve from the hordes of hungry grandparents and the grande raccordo anulare so we decided to escape to Sicily for a few weeks.  There was also the matter that it is relatively close and the fact that G’s entire family is from the island, his parents transplanted to Rome to establish their working lives just around the time of G’s birth.

It was heavenly.

Sicily is stunningly beautiful and culturally wealthy beyond measure.  It is a model for pretty much the entire history of western civilization in an area just short of 1,000 square miles – surrounded by gorgeous beaches and the Mediterranean at its best.  But perhaps best of all, it isn’t mine.  Despite my ties to G and his family, I was just a visitor.  We stayed on an incredible beach in a part of the island run principally by organized crime but to me the ill effects of years of m.afia rule on the lives of ordinary Sicilians are words on a page, theory.  I don’t know enough to actually feel them.  Sometimes it’s nice to simply sip granitas and gorge on arancini without paying attention to the fact that the country’s economy and government are falling apart and the reality that the resulting austerity measures will take a toll on Italians for years to come. Sometimes it’s nice to just build sand castles and be with the people that you love.

Thank you Sicily.


*Sicilian for Sicily, the beautiful.


2 thoughts on “La bedda Sicilia*

  1. Darcy went to Sicily without me many years ago, when I had a big work event. I am still so jealous: he loved it there, especially Syracuse (a?).

    I wondered what it is like with the austerity measures now. I like your sand castle analogy but it is worrying. I feel so much of the world is teetering on the brink. But we should sit on the beach and enjoy life, anyway. Maybe especially.

  2. Yes. There is SO much to worry about. For this reason I think we are extremely fortunate if we can take a moment every once and a while to just be. This would be irresponsible if we were to do it for too long but I have a feeling that’s more or less impossible. Once you are in a place for long enough, you usually begin to live the problems of the place
    I could never have relaxed that way in Rome for any amount of time. I know the city so well that I can feel and smell the effects of recent years. Those measures directly affect my family and so there is no break from routine from me there, just a different routine from usual.

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