The power of positive thinking

I want to thank you all for your thoughts.  On the way to my ultrasound, I was thinking about how different everything feels this time around.  Part of it, I’m sure, is having g.  The other thing is that I have this space and the amazing support that it provides.  I understood that it would make a difference but I couldn’t understand just how much until I really tested it out.

I was surprisingly calm yesterday leading up to the scan but once I was on the table and she started to move her wand around I started to feel my palms sweating and hear my heart beating inside my ears…… wait, that’s not my heartbeat, it’s…………!

One heartbeat found.  Big, wonderful relief.  However, the measurements showed him/her to be about a week behind.  That might be ok, considering I figured I must have ovulated late but it feels a little later than it should.

I guess that we now have something to talk about, both good and bad, but really there is still nothing to do but wait and wait and wait.


6 thoughts on “The power of positive thinking

  1. Yay heartbeat! That’s huge. Whew.

    I’m sorry they gave you something to worry about. That always sucks. When I was pregnant with Penelope and first saw the heartbeat, my OB cautioned me that it was really slow. Then I had to leave on a trip for 3 weeks and get no new information during that time. It was agony! I hope you don’t have to wait too long before they can take another (reassuring!) look.

  2. Big sigh of relief! I too wish there had been no caveats to the wonderful news, but I have certainly seen plenty of cases of embryos catching right up, and the fact that there’s a possible explanation adds some reassurance. For me, you know, the one who just gets to watch from afar and hope.

    I guess it’s back to the old one day at a time deep breaths and cautious hope grindstone, huh? When’s your next scan?

  3. SO glad to hear this news. And hoping for another good scan … I always think that they can’t really know exactly how to pinpoint growth at this point anyway. *hugs* to you while you wait.

  4. Esperanza

    Yay for a heartbeat! I’m so happy for you!

    And I totally understand what you mean, about having G AND this community. I said to Mi.Vida the other day that if we suffer more losses it will be so different because I’ll no longer be isolated and alone, sure that no one understands what I’m going through. The support network I have now is incredibly and really does make me feel stronger in the face of possible loss.

    I’m so glad you feel that too. We’re here for you no matter what, though I hope it’s just to celebrate!

  5. This is wonderful to read. A heartbeat! A baby heartbeat! I’m really happy for you. It sucks that there is any hesitation about measurements, but try to put them out of your mind (ha!–I know that’s almost impossible to do). As someone above said, measurements are inexact at this stage and things change. I wish that your next scan is unambiguously positive.

    I’m also glad that you’re finding this community to be a source of comfort. I, too, find it reassuring to have a community of like-minded people reading, caring, and thinking of me. I can’t put my finger on why it makes such a big difference, but it does. We are here to support you and we are cheering you (and the baby) on! Keep writing and updating when you wish…you know we’ll all keep checking in no matter what happens next.

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