Technology: I love you. I love you not. I ………………..

I find that it’s not so simple to develop a nice coherent philosophy to live by, even, or maybe especially, in relation to those things that matter.

Take technology, for example.

Through some combination of nostalgia for a bygone era and miserliness, I am drawn towards a low-tech lifestyle.  Although I own a cell phone, it was by far the dumbest phone that I could find – several years ago.  We also own a car but I lament the fact that, despite it’s almost 17 years, it doesn’t have roll-up windows.  Our single desktop computer serves nearly all of our technological needs: communication, entertainment, data management.  But you may be thinking; you have a goddamned computer! Indeed.

If you catch me in the right moment though, I will argue that much of my technology usage is dictated by the society that I live in.  I love blogging but I would take any of my favorite bloggers in three dimensions, perhaps over a glass of wine in my kitchen, any day.  I  revere the internet but, given just the right circumstances, I would much rather give up my connection than, say, my coffee.

There is, however, one realm of technology that I get particularly excited about: imaging.  From digital photography to bioluminescence, I am amazed at how much humans have been able to extend our already impressive visual abilities. Working as a biologist, I was blown away by the incredible advances in microscopy, allowing us to see ever deeper into cells at ever higher resolutions.

And then there’s ultrasound.

I can find no criticism for a technology that has the ability to tell me that my young fetus is actually growing and thriving, that, so far, everything looks just as it should.  And, I’m even more humbled by the way that the grainy black and white likeness of a tiny hand or a gently curved shoulder can cause even the most weary of expectant mother’s hearts to puddle in her chest cavity.


3 thoughts on “Technology: I love you. I love you not. I ………………..

  1. I would love a glass of red if I’m ever in your kitchen. Ah–to be so lucky to live near favorite bloggers! I agree with all you’re saying about technology. I spend way too much time mediated by devices these days. Some of it fun, some of it worthwhile, and some of it mundane.

    Reading this post was far from mundane. I’m thrilled to hear that there is thriving and growing and puddling where you are. Thank g-d for ultrasound technology. Your description is making me feel teary and puddly for/with you.

  2. Wordgirl

    I would drink a glass with you — though I rarely do these days — it would be a rare treat. I am filled with envy to see so many wonderful bloggers in close proximity — I meant to write as much on Esperanza/Jjiraffe’s posts — to meet you all in some wonderful cafe in the city — ACK — I can’t write any more or I will dissolve into a puddle.

    I find the same push/pull with technology — and for many of the same reasons — as a researcher and general info-hound — I can’t pull myself away from the amazing things I can find here — but then I do find it impinges on the real world…and so… there you go, the crux.

    You are such a beautiful writer — you really are — and I am thrilled beyond words in reading about the u/s.



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