Screen time

G and I put down our books and strolled time into the kitchen for a snack.  He filled the coffee pot while I munched on almonds.  Life is better without a computer, isn’t it?  While my mind was busy formulating a 5 part response that included the word no, my mouth quickly blurted out: yes!.

Damn it.

Our computer started having problems several weeks ago and G brought it to two different places to have it fixed. Although it turned out to be a relatively straightforward hardware problem, the diagnosis itself was slow-going and just like that we became a non-digital household.  The second G was out of the driveway, electronic box-in-hand, g asked to see a video of a backhoe and protested loudly when I told him that it was simply impossible.  The whole next day I hovered around the non-functional monitor trying to get my bearings.

And then, we just forgot.

We read books. We played together. We talked to each other.  g never asked to see another video.

I’m not ready to give up this connection to the digital world.  There is the practical side: bill paying, newspaper reading, research, etc., the frivolous side: things like browsing all of the lovely things on Etsy or indulging in day-old Daily Show episodes and, of course, there is social media.   I already gave up using Facebook. I don’t use Twitter or Instagram but I do love blogging.  I can’t point to anything that I’ve missed more.  G accuses bloggers of being one more facet of the hey, look at me! exhibitionist-driven web 2.0 but I truly don’t agree.  We all need to believe that what we put out there has enough substance to merit sharing with the 2, 10 or 2,000 readers that might see it but most of us enjoy reading other people’s thoughts as much or more than we do writing our own.  I believe that this is real community, even if it never results in a face-to-face meeting.

So I’m not ditching the digital any time soon.  And I look forward to getting caught up on all of your blogs.  But I would highly recommend the occasional break from screen time because it’s good to remember that, as wonderful as the internet is, there are some other very time-worthy activities waiting on the sidelines.