Still alive!

I came here expecting to find the place littered with old beer cans and cigarette butts.  It floors me to think that baby D is 6 months old – and the experience of infancy in the fast lane is so deliciously novel to me, it merits celebration.  This because I still remember all too well how it felt to have. finally. actually. made it. through. the first 6 loooooooong months of g’s existence.  At that time it felt like a triumph that he was still alive but I was only barely convinced that I was.

This time?  Well, I am tired! As in so tired that I would probably offer the entire contents of our savings account to anyone who promised me a couple more hours of uninterrupted sleep at 5 am most mornings.  Life on our own with two little ones is challenging and exhausting.  But I need to add to that the fact that I’m doing well.  In fact, I would even use the word happy, in the underlying existence is a wonderful privilege kind of way rather than the skipping down the street while whistling sort of way (I don’t have much energy for skipping these days).

I am really grateful to those of you who have checked in with me during these long months of silence on my part.  Had I actually intended to step away from this blog, I would have come in and shuttered the windows and said my good byes.  But in reality, I always expected that I would find the time to write a post – tomorrow.  One thing I like about this lifestyle is that, while I am physically occupied more hours in a day than I deem to be safe for human health, there is still plenty of time for thinkin’.  And thinkin’ leads me to watin’ to share and discuss – and blog.  And there he is, baby D, awake after a full 46 second nap, as usual.  So I will see you back here, ahem, tomorrow.


I’ve missed you!


6 thoughts on “Still alive!

  1. I’m rocking a baby with one foot, drinking coffee with one hand, and completing grad school letters of recommendation with the other (hand…so I guess I have an extra foot, don’t I? Maybe I can learn to fold laundry with it!), and one of my offspring is being cared for by paid help! So I can only imagine. I’m thrilled to hear you’re happy, and look forward to hearing more about it.

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