Dear February, Thank you for being short.

Every year I celebrate the first day of February for the simple reason that it’s arrival means that we are that much closer to it’s eventual demise. I know it’s infantile to harbor such animosity against a perfectly irreproachable string of days but I can’t stop myself from wishing it away even in the good years when the promise of springtime draws me forward.  In the bad years there is just too much darkness and damp, illness and undoing.

This is a bad year.

g is home from the hospital and doing remarkably well. I can feel myself exhale as the color creeps slowly back into his cheeks and the angular contours of his body begin to soften.  And as I’ve come around to the sweet realization that he will be absolutely fine, the panic and strain that I had somehow managed to confine went off and jumped the fence, freed to finally express the full force of their destruction.

We are tired and weary. But I am earnestly comforted by the fact that I know of a remedy for it all. It is one that has proven itself many times in the past.  It’s name? March.


4 thoughts on “Dear February, Thank you for being short.

  1. We’ve had a very cold February here, with huge mountains of old, filthy snow on the ground for an unusually long time. We’ve had to shovel paths so the babies can play in the yard. Every day as I walk to work I tell myself THIS WILL END, SPRING WILL COME. And it doesn’t. All of which is just to say: I hate February so much.

    I’m grateful g is going to be fine, and I hope once you’ve had some time to process all this, that you will be too. Might take until April…

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