All things seem possible in May

He’s three.

Copy of IMG_2508

Well and truly three.

At times the overwhelming force of his determination stills me, his unshakable resolve inspiring the most perplexing combination of frustration and awe. But mostly I think that it is exactly as it should be. This power of will has overshadowed my own from the time he was conceived.  It was he who decided he belonged here. It was he who would be born exactly when he was ready, even if that was before any piece of our “plan” for his birth was in place (I, probably more than most, know just how silly the joining of the word “plan” with “birth” truly is).

And thank god.

None of us would care to imagine our home without the deep belly laughs, sweet kisses or gripping hugs, the animated storytelling or continuous soundtrack of cheesy Italian 70’s hits. So disproportionate is his contribution to our lives that it sometimes makes me sad for the woman who dared not even imagine that he might exist.

Happy happy birthday to the best decision I never made.




2 thoughts on “All things seem possible in May

  1. Good god, has it really been three years? He is so beautiful. And I hope to be using that So disproportionate…line myself in a bit. That woman had good reasons for her ambivalence, but I’m glad she’s off in a parallel universe and you’re in this one.

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