I am infatuated with alternatives. Alternatives to fossil fuels. Alternatives to plastic.  Alternatives to waste “disposal”.  Alternative food systems. Alternative housing.  Alternatives to work. Alternatives to marriage. Alternatives to divorce.

Alternatives to war.

In so many cases there is a different, less wasteful, more respectful way to approach our problems.  In alternatives I find comfort. In alternatives I find hope.

But within this very source of optimism lies an unfortunate truth, a collection of thumbtacks hidden in fluffy warm bedding.  One of the most detrimental, and often baffling, things about humankind is just how well we can understand a problem and formulate solutions and yet continue to engage in exactly the same, damaging behaviors.  The knowledge of a better way does not necessarily lead to the it’s pursuit.

Still there are dedicated people willing to abandon short-term comfort and approval in the quest for a better way.  And I have decided that the best thing any of us can do is embrace the belief that we have it in us to become one of them.





One thought on “Alternatives

  1. Oh humanity. Our species is so beautiful and so horrible. This week I was reading a new yorker piece about the carbon sequestering and nutritional properties of kelp. Guess we’ll all be growing and eating kelp in the future. I wish I could be more heroic in grand ways. I wish I could even be more heroic in little ways. But how do we get from believing we can do it to doing it?

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