Fuck checks and balances

Fuck the separation of church and state

Fuck women (and let them deal with the fallout the way God intended)

Fuck poor people and their “need” for health care and education

Fuck the basic resources “necessary” for survival

Fuck protecting people’s savings and investments

Fuck protecting people’s right to protest

Fuck people, especially the dark-skinned ones

Fuck treaties

Fuck competence

Fuck truth

I’m ready to give credit where credit is due. The new administration has truly found the way to deal with our immigration “problem”.  Nevermind walls and bans, those are short term solutions. Make this country so goddamn crappy that nobody in his/her right mind will ever want to come here again.



3 thoughts on “Geniuses

  1. I know, right? Only someone escaping from a war torn nightmare of a former home would want to come here. Good thing there are no such people.

    I want to roughly paraphrase something I heard recently…To make it bearable to live in these times, we must remember the good and the beauty and the love. We get so angry and filled with hate and it’s so easy to go there, but we have to remember what we love. We wouldn’t be angry or feel hate if there weren’t some deep cherishing of something at the bottom of all that. And we need to go back to that, make that the source of our actions. Easier said that done, and going there can be so painful because it feels like it’s all in jeopardy… but it’s a change from being filled with rage, as least.

  2. So true bunny. I’ve never lived through a time when all that I cherish was under attack before. It’s dizzying. I wholeheartedly agree that we have to work from the place of all that matters.

    But on occasion, for the sake of our sanity, we may also need to let out the anger valve a bit.

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